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9 Insights after a year efforts to fight Loneliness when working from home

As the world experienced a one-in-a-lifetime pandemic, we all tried to find ways to adapt and to operate as good as possible. During this process, we had to learn how to work from home efficiently ; some of us used their newly found free time to learn new skills …

What the new Scrum Guide 2020 means for our daily job!

On the 18th of November 2020, a new revision of the Scrum Guide was released and this time, the changes were massive compared to previous adaptations. Let's have a run on the most dramatic and profound changes.

Why and how OKRs works for us!

I’ve tried to implement the OKR framework on three different occasions, and just finally got it right. Looking back at my other attempts, it is crystal clear what we got wrong before and correct this time.

Is Agile a Software topic only?

I was invited to talk on a Podcast of the VDMA association about Agile. It’s in German, but I wrote down an extended transcript. Please note that the podcast is directed towards people of the mechanical industry that may not have any prior knowledge of Agile.

Defining Agile as your Organization Optimization Goal!

Last week, I gave a webinar for the IESE Business School, where I explored what Agile is and how it impacts the way Business and Organizations are run and structures. You can find the link to the video here bellow.

Using Moving Motivators during Job Interviews

The Moving Motivators are a Management 3.0 practice that helps people to express their intrinsic motivations. It is an amazing tool to get to know people that can be used in a lot of different setups.

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I'm an Agile Coach with a Software Engineering background. In the last ten years, I worked with many teams all around the world in many very different setups. And now, I am also trying my hand to being a freelance trainer. I'm also a huge Formula One fan, SciFi enthusiast and proud Miata driver!


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